Justified and Justifier

Series: Visitor Introduction Sermons

The enclosed CD’s contain two audio files, containing Sunday morning sermons on gospel themes. CD’s are a great way to easily gain a feel for the type of information you can get at a worship service.

The second lesson, “Just and the Justifier,” analyzes Rom. 3:21-31. God had a “problem” -- He is perfectly fair, but it would not be fair for Him to forget about all of the evil in the world for absolutely no reason. Consider a criminal who commits a heinous act against your family. Would it be fair for the judge to let him off, without punishment, because the criminal was a friend of the judge?

God was able to solve this “problem” by placing the criminal’s penalty onto Jesus. The “Just and Justifier” sermon explains concepts from Romans 3 that show us the true nature of God’s salvation system.

We hope you are challenged by this advanced-level study!