Growing in Christ - 2018 Gospel Meeting

Growing in Christ - 2018 Gospel Meeting

Part 1: Doing More with Less

Living in a first-world country doesn’t necessarily mean you will have a first-rate life.  The problems of poverty and sorrow often lead to character building successes, while the comfort and ease of prosperity often leads to spiritual sickness.  What goes wrong when everything is going right?


Part 2: Better Faith,  Better Hope, Better Love

1 Corinthians 13 says that the three basic elements of a Christian life are faith, hope, and love.  If all of our life can be reduced to those three simple things – how do we make those things grow.  How do we actively grow in faith, hope, and love?


Part 3: Wrapped Around the Axle

Life is busy and our “busy”ness often leads to distraction.  We work and work and work and yet find ourselves not achieving the life we intended and no closer to our spiritual goals.  Don’t let life happen to you.  Don’t become entangled in life – live with purpose.


Part 4: Fail, Float, or Fly

Nobody wakes up and decides to be mediocre, but most people will be exactly that.  We float through life instead of choosing success.  We should want excellent families, strong faith, an effective prayer life, and a strong and determined soul, and we should accept nothing less than our best.  Find the ideal you that God designed you to be.


Part 5: Prepared for Every Good Work

What if the life God intended for you to live only happens if you are ready for it?  God looks for people whose lives are prepared for to be used by Him.  You get to choose your own adventure.  God’s the author of our story, but you have a say in what the ending will be.  What life are you prepared for?