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The Gospel

Series: Visitor Introduction Sermons

The enclosed CD’s contain two audio files, containing Sunday morning sermons on gospel themes. CD’s are a great way to easily gain a feel for the type of information you can get at a worship service.

The first lesson, “The Gospel,” is based on 1 Cor. 15. Gospel means “good news” in the literal Greek. This first sermon addresses the topic of the good news in three ways:

  •  Belief - The gospel gives us facts that we can believe. We don’t name Jesus’ name because we are fond of going to church; we do it because we believe that His words were true.
  •  Obedience - The gospel gives us commands that we obey. Once we know the truth we must decide how to act on it. A life of service to Christ is the most meaningful life possible.
  •  Reward - The gospel gives us promises to enjoy. Our sins are washed away, we are blessed by God, and we have a home in heaven.

We hope you enjoy this introductory-level study!