Visitor Introduction Lessons

Visitor Introduction Lessons

Welcome visitors! These lessons were created to help you get acquianted with our church and, more importantly, Jesus Christ. They are the sermons that are included in our visitor packet, which you'll receive on your first visit. The first lesson is an introductory type of study while the second lesson is more advanced. If you have any questions about either, please let us know by contacting us.

Lesson #1: Hopefulness

Of the three great virtues, Love allows us to serve our fellow man, Faith allows us to serve God, and Hope allows us to serve ourselves. May the God of all hope fill you with joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may overflow with optimism (Rom. 15:13).

Lesson #2: 7 Golden Hopes of Philippians 3

God gave us much more than a vague ‘pie in the sky’ hope.  He gave us 7 specific experiences that will reward us upon our admission to heaven.  These were the hopes that Paul said he would obtain ‘by any means.’  (Phil. 3:8-11).

“If you liked those, please contact us with any questions!  And here are two more lessons for your review, these covering the “First Principles” (Heb. 6:1) of gospel salvation:


Lesson #3: The Gospel

The third lesson, “The Gospel,” is based on 1 Cor. 15. Gospel means “good news” in the literal Greek. This first sermon addresses the topic of the good news in three ways:

  •  Belief - The gospel gives us facts that we can believe. We don’t name Jesus’ name because we are fond of going to church; we do it because we believe that His words were true.
  •  Obedience - The gospel gives us commands that we obey. Once we know the truth we must decide how to act on it. A life of service to Christ is the most meaningful life possible.
  •  Reward - The gospel gives us promises to enjoy. Our sins are washed away, we are blessed by God, and we have a home in heaven.

We hope you enjoy this introductory-level study!


Lesson #4: Justified and Justifier

The final lesson, “Just and the Justifier,” analyzes Rom. 3:21-31. God had a “problem” -- He is perfectly fair, but it would not be fair for Him to forget about all of the evil in the world for absolutely no reason. Consider a criminal who commits a heinous act against your family. Would it be fair for the judge to let him off, without punishment, because the criminal was a friend of the judge?

God was able to solve this “problem” by placing the criminal’s penalty onto Jesus. The “Just and Justifier” sermon explains concepts from Romans 3 that show us the true nature of God’s salvation system.

We hope you are challenged by this advanced-level study!